Employee cleaning crew

A clean hotel with nice and fresh hotel rooms gives you a sense of satisfaction. Because you are never alone but can always fall back on your colleagues, no challenge is too great. You work with focus and see where your help can make a difference. With your efforts, we deliver a pleasant stay for our guests. That’s what we call attention with impact.

Attention with impact, also for you:

  • Part of our application procedure is completing MapsTell, a behavioural analysis that offers an insight into your talents! You get to keep this report, even if you don’t end up working for us.
  • We will take you through a special induction programme. This way you not only get to know your colleagues very quickly, but the organisation as well.
  • Free overnight stay, including breakfast at a Postillion Hotel of your choice!
  • You’ll get a training budget from us.
  • You can exercise at a reduced cost with us. At Postillion, we combine hard work with relaxation.
  • You get access to the Postillion Employee app. That app will give you all the information you need. From the work schedule to your wage slip. And it offers challenges you can take on with your colleagues. At the gym, for example, where, as said, you get a big discount with us.
  • Do you have student debt? On top of your salary, we’ll pay € 2.50 per hour you work to pay off your student debt!

This is who you are:

  • A go-getter: a hard worker who gets satisfaction from a neat and tidy looking site.
  • You see what needs to be done, even when things are quieter.
  • You are a fun and optimistic colleague who enjoys being part of a tight-knit team.

Is your challenge not on the list?

We are happy to keep you informed!