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Privacy Statement Postillion Hotels B.V. 

This privacy statement describes the privacy policy of Postillion Hotels B.V. and/or its affiliated legal entities, namely Postillion Hotel Amersfoort Veluwemeer, Postillion Hotel Arnhem, Postillion Hotel Deventer, Postillion Hotel Dordrecht, Postillion Hotel Utrecht Bunnik, Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam, Postillion Hotel Amsterdam, Postillion Hotel Amsterdam and Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam. The content of this privacy statement applies to all forms of processing of personal data within the Postillion Hotels B.V. company. Users of the website (hereafter website) of Postillion Hotels B.V. are informed in this privacy statement about how Postillion Hotels B.V. handles the data that the user automatically and/or actively provides by visiting the website. The primary aim is to ensure that data are processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and, with effect from 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As well as this privacy statement, the Terms and Conditions apply to all services, products and/or partnership agreements and specific agreements. The Terms and Conditions can be found at

Registration and processing of personal data

When using the services of Postillion Hotels B.V., sending a request for information, subscribing to a newsletter, taking part in a promotion, using our digital services, making a job application or otherwise contacting Postillion Hotels B.V., the personal data provided will be collected and registered by Postillion Hotels B.V. The type of personal data involved may vary depending on the service and/or the reason for collecting the personal data. This information can be requested from Postillion Hotels B.V. using the contact details at the end of the statement. Only personal data that the data subject himself actively and directly or indirectly provides to Postillion Hotels B.V. are collected. Postillion Hotels B.V. will use these personal data for the provision of its services (including analysing and improving and developing those services), the various agreements it may enter into in this connection and in order to provide the user with information if the user expresses an interest in such information. If the data subject expressly consents to this, Postillion Hotels B.V. may use personal data to keep the data subject informed about developments in the activities of Postillion Hotels B.V. including, but not exclusively, through the Postillion Hotels B.V. newsletter. For more information about this, see the section entitled ‘newsletter’ in this privacy statement.

Use of the website

When the website is used, certain anonymous data about the use of the page are automatically collected via the website user’s IP address. These include data such as the IP address, the time of the visit to the website, the duration of your visit, the browser used and the parts of the website that are visited. The website also uses cookies. These are small files that are sent to the website user’s computer and stored there. These cookies convey information about how the website is used and enable the website to be downloaded faster on a subsequent visit. Any user name and password provided by the user are also stored. The data collected are anonymous and cannot be used to establish the user’s identity. Furthermore, the data collected are only used internally, to optimise the website. You can disable the use of cookies via your browser. For more information, see Postillion’s cookie policy, which can be found at

Job Alert

With regard to the Job Alert, Postillion Hotels B.V. uses the opt-in procedure: the data subject only receives a newsletter if he or she has subscribed to it. Should a data subject not wish, or no longer wish to receive the alert (any longer), he or she can make this known at any time by unsubscribing via the website, via the link at the bottom of the relevant email received or via [email protected].

Basis for use of personal data

Personal data provided and automatically collected data will never be made available to third parties without the user’s prior consent (purchase, hire, sharing), unless Postillion Hotels B.V. is obliged to do so by a legal provision or an official injunction, or if Postillion Hotels B.V. becomes involved in a corporate merger and/or takeover. In such an event, the data subject will be given timely notice, unless the data concerned are anonymous. However, your data may be provided without your consent to parties who are engaged by Postillion Hotels B.V. in the performance of its services. If this happens, your data will only be used for the purpose for which you provided them. Postillion Hotels B.V. is obliged to take all reasonable measures to safeguard privacy to the fullest extent possible and, in that regard, to ensure adequate security for the personal data in its possession. If third parties are engaged, those parties must in turn demonstrate that they have taken adequate security measures and guarantee confidentiality. Furthermore, those parties must delete the personal data once they are no longer required. If the data subject’s consent has been requested and obtained for the processing of your personal data, the data subject may withdraw that consent at any time. This can be done by contacting us via the contact details given below.

Personal Data Protection Act/GDPR

The Personal Data Protection Act/GDPR assure the protection of citizens’ privacy. Postillion Hotels B.V. respects this legislation and will act in accordance with the provisions thereof. If the data subject wishes his/her personal data to be deleted or amended, the data subject wants to receive a copy of the data provided by him/her or processed with his/her consent in order that he/she can transfer them to a third party (data portability) or if the data subject wants access to the registered personal data, a written request to this effect may be submitted to the address at the bottom of this page or to [email protected]. In this event, Postillion Hotels B.V. may ask security questions in order to establish your identity. The data subject may also request the restriction of the processing of his/her data or object to their processing by the same method.

Google Analytics

Postillion Hotels B.V. would like to know how its website is used, as a basis for optimising the design of its website. For this purpose, Postillion Hotels B.V. uses Google Analytics. Consequently, the website installs Google cookies. The information obtained via these cookies will be analysed by Google as anonymously as possible. Since the user’s IP address is never used, the data cannot be traced back to an individual. Google stores the information collected on American servers which are protected in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield principles. Google will never share the information collected with third parties (who are not involved with Google), unless it is under a legal obligation to do so.

Social media

Postillion Hotels B.V. uses various social media channels, including, but not limited to Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. In many cases, these various social media channels also use cookies. Read the privacy statements of the relevant social media channels to learn exactly how they handle collected data. Most social media channels that are used by Postillion Hotels B.V. will comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield principles. If a user follows Postillion Hotels B.V. via social media or communicates with or about Postillion Hotels B.V., Postillion Hotels B.V. processes certain data (profile information, the content posted and messages about Postillion Hotels B.V., metadata stored in the platform) so that Postillion Hotels B.V. can optimise the content of its social media activities. Those data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of this privacy statement. If you take part in a promotion or competition, additional data may be collected; you will be informed of this upon taking part.


Postillion Hotels B.V. uses remarketing technologies. These technologies make it possible to retarget via the websites of partners of Postillion Hotels B.V. people who (by using the website of Postillion Hotels B.V. and/or by subscribing to the Postillion Hotels B.V. newsletter) have previously expressed an interest in Postillion Hotels B.V. and/or its products and/or services. This remarketing involves personalised advertising/offers tailored to personal interests. This type of data collection is fully automated and anonymous. Users may encounter such forms of remarketing on, for instance, social media channels, including, but not limited to Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.


Postillion Hotels B.V. uses its best endeavours to adequately secure personal data. The necessary technical and organisational measures are taken to this end, in compliance with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines. The guidelines in this privacy policy will also be taken into account. Measures are taken to ensure that our website and IT systems are used safely and to prevent abuses and only authorised personnel of Postillion Hotels B.V. who require access in order to fulfil their job roles have access to personal data registered. The relevant personnel also receive appropriate training and education. The responsible party for the data processing pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act/GDPR is Postillion Hotels B.V. with registered office at Baan van Fectio 1, 3981 HZ Bunnik.

Retention period

Postillion Hotels B.V. will only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary for the purpose of the processing. In certain cases, the law stipulates the duration of data retention and Postillion Hotels B.V. will adhere to those periods. In other cases, Postillion Hotels B.V. itself determines the retention period applicable to our policy, having due regard for the foregoing. The criteria upon which this is based are ten years (guest data), four years (website data), four weeks (job application data for unsuccessful candidates and camera images of public spaces; however, if a crime is detected, the images will be retained until the situation has been resolved).


Any links to websites/sources of third parties have been carefully selected. Nonetheless, Postillion Hotels B.V. accepts no responsibility and/or liability whatsoever for the content of those websites and the manner in which those sites handle personal data. The terms and conditions and privacy rules of those third parties apply to such websites or sources.

Postillion Hotels B.V. reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy from time to time. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly consult this privacy policy. This privacy statement was last amended on 3 June 2018.

If you have any questions and/or comments about privacy, you can contact the party responsible for data processing, whose contact details are as follows:

Postillion Hotels B.V.


Baan van Fectio 1

3981 HZ Bunnik

030-656 92 22

[email protected] |

If you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data, you can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority via or on telephone number 0900-2001201